This Is Why We Don't Do What We Want.

The Feel Better Letter

Doesn't it feel weird that we can't just do what we want? The majority of us get really excited about something but then give up fairly quickly. Why is this?

Well, it's super simple actually. You need 2 crucial components to do something brave and exciting and remarkable and life-changing.

No, it's not time + money. That's the good news. 

It's a Compelling Reason + Consistent Effort.

Cool, right?!

Now you're on your way to making more money. Or looking the way you want to look. Or owning that dream home. Or living in a cool Airstream while you travel the country. 

EXCEPT. The one thing that stops us ALL THE TIME IS...........

Conflicting Desire.

To stay safe.

To avoid failure.

To not look dumb in front of everyone.

To make the 'right' decisions.

To look perfect.

The thing is, your brain is just trying to keep you safe. It thinks you're going to die if you publish a blog post that gets any negative comments (or maybe none at all). Obviously that is not true. It's almost laughable, yet it doesn't quite feel that way when it happens, right?

So, what can you do???

You can fight off Conflicting Desire by:

  1. Having a HUGE compelling reason that drives you to keep going even when your brain is like, "hey girl you're def going to die if you buy that airstream."
  2. Creating a plan.
  3. Sticking to that plan every day. 
  4. Managing your mind every day so you stick to your plan NO MATTER WHAT.

It's just called one thing actually:


Have a great day, friends! Talk to you soon.


Stephanie Sheldon