How to Build your Social Media Empire

Here’s the thing - business used to be simple. You’d advertise in the local newspaper, maybe even on the radio, clients would show up, you’d shake their hand, do business, make money, done deal. If you did a good job, you’d have them as a loyal customer forever. Simple as pie.

Flash forward to freaking 2018. The age of iPhones, podcasts, Yelp, email, co-work, Instagram, UberEats- you get the picture.

What used to be so simple has turned into something so difficult. How is it that with all of these tools we’ve created for ourselves, we can’t seem to find the right way to use them for our business? Why are your followers or clients constantly looking for something better? How does someone use social media, and social media only, to create an empire? How can likes on Instagram and Facebook correlate to living your best financial life, and WHY, for goodness sakes, is it not working for you?

Here’s the secret.


It’s you.

If you thought this blog post would magically give you the answer to getting financial freedom and business stability, that might be your first problem. If you’re not incredibly passionate about food, or fashion, or real estate, but you’re trying to force it on social media to get others to flock to you… that might be your second problem.

Let’s take a look at Lauren Letizio (above) - @blameitonbarneys. With over 30k followers and hundreds of likes and comments on each photo, she’s using Instagram and other social media outlets like her Blog to live her best. damn. life. So how did she do it? Simple. She found what she is most passionate about, and gives it her everything every single day. How draining and uninspiring would it be to put your everything into something that you don’t really care about? Newsflash - that’s why your business isn’t thriving. People feel your boredom. People feel that you are uninspired. People feel your basicness (really, they do). Life is just not meant for us to throw something on social media and make a buck. It’s about being passionate, being happy, being the truest and best version of you. And let’s face it, if you’re not doing these things, you’re failing at a lot more than just business. Sorry not sorry.

So now what?

Find your passion. Stay true to your vision. Build your empire. Live your dream life.

Simple as pie.

xox Kait Johnson (Clubhouse Manager)


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