F^@$ the checklist


Do you ever find yourself so wrapped up in your work that you work for 8+ hours at your desk in complete silence, forgetting to eat lunch, with tense shoulders, & a smile that is dying to be let loose? When you're in this grind you take failure personally rather than seeing it as an opportunity, you fall down & then kick yourself while you are down there, you are mean to pretty much everyone around you- including yourself. 

These are the moments where you need someone to remind you to f^@$ the checklist. Forget about the fact that in order to make x happen you need to also accomplish y & z. When all you are thinking about your to do list you're completely losing all creativity. You are head down powering through, missing all the views on this journey. You need someone to shake you out of it and remind you that if you're not having fun doing your work- no one is going to have fun soaking it up. 

So this is me shaking you, asking you to wake up, to stop merely putting one foot in front of the other, stop checking off the to do list, stop adding task upon task to your checklist, stop fretting over deadlines, just stop it! You are losing your creativity & I hate to tell you this but even though you think you are the ultimate people pleaser- making everyone happy by completing the work you're 'supposed to be doing'- you're NOT. Everyone can see that you're not having fun with your work. Everyone can feel your negative vibrations, & in turn everyone is running in the opposite direction. No one is pressing purchase, no one is coming into your shop, no one is booking you -because of you. 

So fuck the checklist

Go do something that lights you up. Turn the music in your workplace back on. Get excited about the work you are creating. If you're not having fun no one else will. 

Forget the checkmark on a piece of paper you will later throw away & have fun. You & everyone around you deserves the best version of you. So just be you, the work will get done, in due time. Trust that your checklist isn't your lifeline. 

xo Krista

Krista Jordan