4 outfit staples every boss babe MUST have

Every boss babe needs a few items in her closet that are go-to items for business wear. These do not, I repeat, do NOT have to be a pant or skirt suit. Business is evolving and so is the fashion within that space. Get pieces that match your personality, go with everything, & you can dress down for a ladies night out. Because, lets face it, a lot of us women are ballin' on a budget- so here is how to make the most of the pieces you choose.

Photos & clothing by: Shop HAVEN Cle (@shophavencle) - sip & shop Thursday Aug. 30th


You must have a blazer in your closet, it doesn't have to be perfectly fitted, or beige and boring, but you must have it. If you find the right one you also can dress it down for a ladies night out or a more casual business meeting! 

Go To Top

The go-to top. This is something you have in your closet that goes with just about everything you own. You can throw it on under any jacket/blazer, or just wear it plain and it works perfectly. Ideally this top is one color, but feel free to spice it up with some pattern (like you see in the right photo above)! 


Girls just wanna have shoes. Am I right? A staple shoe is something you will want atleast one of, & if you're anything like me you will have 2+++ of living in your closet. When you're picking the perfect business casual shoe pick something that will go with a lot of your wardrobe but also has just the right amount of spice to it to add to your look. You can even do a shoe that is a fun pop of color to go with your more nutral looks! 


The perfect clutch. First of all I would define just about any clutch perfect but you want one that will carry your shi* but also add a little sparkle to your wardrobe. This can be your go to clutch for all the time use not just business! 



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Krista Jordan