How I Made Friends With Planning

So, this one time I was hanging out with my friends Inspiration and Excitement and I was telling them about all of my grand plans. They LOVE hearing about this stuff. In fact, they're both crucial to my ability to crush goals but every once in a while, they can be a little distracting. See, I love these two so much that sometimes I'll just hang with them all day and forget to bring in my other friend, Planning. Planning used to totally be a buzzkill to me. I don't know why I let myself have this reaction to the lovely Planning, but I think this is why.

See, Planning is from another country. And when they'd come around, I had trouble understanding what they were saying, so I got all overwhelmed and would just tell Planning I had to go. Then I'd immediately call Inspiration and Excitement and they'd reassure me that it was ok to just hang with them. But they did sometimes encourage me to get to know Planning more, that once you got to know them, they were a powerful force.

I wasn't buying it. One time, I'd tried to be friends with Planning and I tried speaking their language and I failed miserably. I just didn't think I'd ever learn. It was so scary to be that vulnerable in front of Planning. Nothing got done, and I just felt stupid making all these mistakes that I knew were second nature to P. 

After taking a long hiatus, I ran into Planning at Whole Foods. And they were with their new friend Asana. I was with Inspiration and Excitement (of course) and we all just hit it off. We even ended up staying for a glass of wine after all the shopping and we had such a fun time. Asana had this way of really bringing us all together. With their structure, intuitive interface, encouragement (when you check tasks off of your to-do list, Asana sends you a virtual hi-five rainbow unicorn!) and clean layout, it really allowed me to learn to love Planning more. 

I still have a hard time understanding Planning– mostly because I'm still working on accepting the fact that both Asana and Planning are my friends. They don't judge me. But, obviously, I judge myself. But it's almost laughable, because both Planning and Asana don't have the ability to judge me. They're both just there to knit us all together– Excitement, Inspiration and Me. With this group, I have the capacity to do so many amazing things and get so much more out of my day, week, month and year. 

Stephanie Sheldon