The Evolution of Biz Building

The Creative Clubhouse is changing, evolving, and growing. 


Building a business requires extraordinary patience and attention to detail. Patience, because nothing ever goes the way we expect it to. Attention to detail, because by constantly evaluating our processes and practices, we can make necessary changes.

After months of carefully crafting our dreamy space, testing out multiple different co-working membership structures, throwing some of our own events, and renting our space out to party throwers in CLE: Creative Clubhouse is evolving yet again.

We evaluated our staff and memberships, and brainstormed different ways to make Creative Clubhouse a fabulous experience for as many people as possible. What we came up with is an entirely new goal for our organization—one that will be able impact more people than we ever dreamed possible.

We are now going to offer 6-week courses multiple times yearly. These courses will be available to people all across the globe, each centered around one of our two mantras: Live Your Best Life and Build Your Best Biz.

Shifting away from focusing solely on a Cleveland-based co-working & adding an additional online platform. Course-based community is big, but it’s what makes sense for Creative Clubhouse! Biz building is one hell of a journey for us all, even seasoned entrepreneurs.

Creative Clubhouse will be creating content more regularly: blog posts and podcast from Stephanie Sheldon; hosting events twice a month for our speaker series; offering online courses; renting the Cluhouse out as an event space; and offering drop-in coworking hours.

If you’re interested in learning more about our courses, click here!

Krista Jordan