So, you think you want to start a nonprofit?


You are probably wondering- where do I even start? What are the differences between having an LLC & a certified 501C3? What route is best for me? How much will it cost? Can I really do this?

Starting a passion project is something I know a thing or two about. But a non-profit, now that is a whole other beast that I am not well versed in. Nicole Parker though, our upcoming speaker, she has got you covered. She can speak to starting a non-profit, all the while having a full time job, & being a mom. I know what you’re thinking, when does she sleep- so am I. Join us November 8th for her happy hour event & ask her all the things you want to know about starting a non-profit.

I may not know it all about starting a non-profit, but being a passion project runner once upon a time I have been in your shoes- I have wondered whether I should be a business or a non-profit. It is not an easy choice to make, & there are a lot of factors that go into making your final decision. Hindsight being 20/20 I would have looked into the nonprofit route more in depth upon starting my business for at the end of the day my business lost more money than it made by giving so much away. If your mission is to give- you should consider registering as a non-profit for it is easier said than done to be a small business and give a lot back. Running a small business is hard as it is- money is always tight & your resources are always maxed out.

Join us November 8th to learn more about where to even begin if giving back is a mission you don’t want to sacrifice.

Nicole Parker

Nicole Parker is a mother, boss, non-profit owner, full time Field Faculty Advisor / Clinical Instructor at Case Western Reserve University, & much more. Join us November 8th where she will share her own story of starting a nonprofit while having a pretty stacked set of priorities. You may or may not want to start a nonprofit, but what we do know is that finding time to do something BIG when you’ve already got a lot on your plate seems super challenging. Nicole inspires to do great things even when you don’t believe you have the time. Get your tickets here >>


Krista Jordan is Director of Marketing & Sales for Cleveland Flea brands. She’s a new mom to Liv, born on September 16th of this year!

She’s getting used to this whole working mom life while living in Montana with her fianceé, Mitch and their dog.

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