What to do when you fail


Failure, by definition, is the lack of success.

Success, by definition, is an accomplishment of aim or purpose.

It is so easy when you are down, when you feel as though you have failed, to stay there. When you fail you want to curl up in your bed, surrounded by only your comforter and (if you are anything like me) a million fluffy pillows. But, you really can’t do that- not for any length of time anyways. For, life will go on- with or without you. And lets be real, you don’t want the latter.

So, what do you do when you fail?

Don’t get me wrong, you can curl up in your bed upon failure if that is what you need to do for you- but whatever you do, don’t stay there. Feel all the feels. Cry if you need to. Eat a jar of peanut butter on top of Oreos. But, don’t let yourself sit there. As cliche’ as it is- you have to get back up, put your big girl pants on, & try again.

You just have to.

Because girlfriend, if you aren’t failing then you are doing something wrong. I’m serious- if everything is going right all the time are you really taking enough risks, are you really putting yourself or your business out there for the world to see (and judge), are you really ‘here for it’?

Let your failure soak in- whatever it may be- & learn from that shit. You didn’t fail for no reason at all, for it is happening to teach you something at the end of the day (god, do I sound like my mother). Fail, fail, & fail again. Remind yourself, you are only human. Learn from it, & move on.

Lets talk failure, get it out there in the open, & embrace it. Lets learn from it & move on - together. Join us November 6th to talk all things failure with Anjua Maximo. She will help you learn how to fall (with grace), & get back up (with strength). Lets do this ladies, lets fail together.



Anjua Maximo

Anjua is the co-owner of GrooveRyde & PureMvmnt with her husband Zos Maximo.

She is a momma to 2 beautiful boys, a speaker, a Pure Mvmnt & Buti Yoga teacher, a business & life coach, & a serious powerhouse.

About your author:

Krista Jordan is Director of Marketing & Sales for Cleveland Flea brands. She’s a new mom to Liv, born on September 16th of this year!

She’s getting used to this whole working mom life while living in Montana with her fiancé, Mitch and their dog.

She’s a true Cleveland girl who loves her city like no one else, and part of that involves enjoying monthly care packages from her #TeamFlea coworkers filled with favorites from Sweet Dish & Darling, Fat T’s Cookies, Salt & Light Coffee and Little Red Bird Custom Cookies.