5 Steps to Being the Inclusive Boss Babe your Fellow Women Need You To Be

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Hello beautiful ladies!

As a feminist artist I believe in promoting strength, self-love, and resiliency in the hope that our reality will evolve into a more inclusive and loving environment. My first attempt to make this dream into a reality is creating custom portraits for any and all women by way of my “Ain’t I A {Beautiful} Woman” project. We all know our world isn’t perfect. Many of you may find yourself wondering what you can do for yourself and others as we collectively break down the patriarchy that holds many of us back. Here’s 5 things you can start doing today:

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, 

more than 11.6 million businesses in the United States were owned by women last year (Crain’s directory tells us that close to 700 of those businesses are located in Cleveland). Despite that statistic, it’s essential to note that our world is systematically and egregiously structured to keep {white} men in power. Women supporting women can and will change this.

If you raise others up, despite anyone’s opposition, you hold power.

Our current political climate is a direct result of ignorance and inconsideration for our fellow humans. By putting in the time and effort to learn about other people and their struggles, we begin to care about them and the adversity they fight each day. 

Challenge yourself to thoroughly research the issues before you cast your vote this year. And don’t forget, a silent opinion isn’t a

 solution; it’s a “Bye Felisha” to your fellow women.

If you show up for all women, despite anyone’s opposition, you hold power.

If you think that anyone is less or more beautiful than you, you're letting the patriarchy win. Skin-deep prejudices are ingrained in our minds from birth but human beauty is more than a defined set of physical qualities. There are innumerable examples of human beauty. One person’s beauty is not to be put in competition with someone else’s.

If you decide to believe everyone is equally and uniquely beautiful, despite anyone’s opposition, you hold power.


Do you allow yourself to enjoy what feels good to you? Does that indulgence allow you to be a better friend, significant other, and neighbor? It’s no secret that when we feel joy, we spread joy. Share your joy with everyone by treating yo self to that all day Netflix binge in bed. And that ginger tea and muffin while you stare into the sunrise from your kitchen window. Maya Angelou taught us that “success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Own your good and bad moments because those allow us to be who we are.

If you accept yourself, despite anyone’s opposition, you hold power.


Feminism is not about groups of women that look, speak, and live like each other fighting for their own rights. 

Feminism is about inclusivity and fighting for the rights of all women no matter their race, sexual orientation, body shape, health, educational background, career choice, or sex letter circled on their birth certificate. While the suffrage movement in the early 1900s fought for equality with men, it really only spoke for white women. Marginalized groups were not welcomed in the fight. And while the fight has evolved since then there is still a wide divide that needs to be sutured and fully healed for the first time. 

We’ve grown up competing against each other to be the “prettiest”, the most popular, the least ridiculed, etc. and all along we should have been cheering each other on for our uniqueness. We all have our own levels of success and happiness that cannot be compared or topped.

 For that reason, I encourage you to tell a woman friend, who lives with different circumstances, that you’re proud of them. See them for the awesome woman they are.

If you accept other women for the unique individuals they are, despite anyone’s opposition, you hold power.

Fighting together against the patriarchy politically, financially, socially, and personally, we women can make a difference in our world by adopting these 5 steps into our daily lives.

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About the author :Kristen Mimms

Kristen Mimms is the girl who grew up designing and constructing homes for her Barbie dolls using VHS tapes. Most recently, Kristen is the creator of the free portrait series entitled Ain't I A {Beautiful} Woman Project. Growing up in a predominantly white suburb of Cincinnati with predominantly white friends gave Kristen no choice but to be aware of her individuality. She's a free spirit on a mission to show love to women of all kinds and inspire them in the process. You can keep up with Kristen and her project by following her on Instagram: @mmmkbella.

Jewelry + Styling by: Liza Michelle Jewelry

Location + Styling by: Helm Collective

Photography by: Courtney Burns// Fleeting Fox Photography

Makeup by: Whitney Anderson

Modeled by: Kristen Mimms, Asia Nelson, Ellen Haag