How to take care of you while taking care of others

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Taking care of others comes naturally to us, that motherly love. But when we are so busy taking care of others, when do we find time to direct that love in our own direction?

Between waking our loved ones up with kisses, cooking them meals to get them through their day (not to mention grocery shopping in order to make those meals), getting them to and from their daily activities, bathing the ones who can’t bathe themselves, reading story books 10 times, snuggling & rocking them to sleep, kissing them goodnight & then waking up to do it all over again the next day - when do we find time for ourselves?

Or outside of family life- lets talk business. Between unlocking the doors to the office, answering (what feels like) thousands of questions for our team, reviewing their work, giving them feedback & guidance, telling them what good work their doing, treating them to meals, helping them put out fires within the business (that happen on the daily), & waking up to do it all over again - when do we find time for ourselves?

Learning the balance of taking care of you while taking care of others is not something that you learn overnight, & everyday it looks different.

Somedays taking care of you might look like brushing your hair, while others look like enjoying a mani, pedi, facial, & glass of wine.

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About your author:

Krista Jordan is Director of Marketing & Sales for Cleveland Flea brands. She’s a new mom to Liv, born on September 16th of this year!

She’s getting used to this whole working mom life while living in Montana with her fianceé, Mitch and their dog.

She’s a true Cleveland girl who loves her city like no one else, and part of that involves enjoying monthly care packages from her #TeamFlea coworkers filled with favorites from Sweet Dish & Darling, Fat T’s Cookies, Salt & Light Coffee and Little Red Bird Custom Cookies.